Clear Sky Clocks 

What is a Clear Sky Clock :  Below is an example of a ' Clear Sky Clock '


This graph will show you a visual graph of many of the conditions that are important to Visual and  Astro-photography Astronomers. 

For the conditions in the sky, the darker the blocks the better, find the time in the night ahead, and you will have a good ideal how 

good the sky will be.


There are over 2500 Clear Sky Clocks, 

Below are a few ' Quick Look Graphs'  for Clear Sky Clock in the Southern California area, Click on the small Graphs below,

To Link to the Clear Sky Clock Site, where you will find a Large Graph (like above) along with instructions for using the CSC.



Malibu CA


Templin Highway CA


Lochwood Valley CA


Vasquez Rocks


Mt. Pinos CA


Observing site of The Antelope Valley Astronomy Club

Kings Canyon National Park


Mt. Wilson Observatory CA


Griffith Park Observatory Hollywood CA


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